A manifesto of my mental state during isolation.

The idea of producing a new artbook came three months ago when I realized that I made more than 200 illustrations
during quarantine. It all started a few months after we were shut down. A year later, looking at them, it made sense to
gathered a selection of the drawings and share a part of this journey. As a manifesto of my mental state, these artworks
represent a state of Presence, a Presence to onself, as well as to one’s environment allowing self-observation.
The mind can thus flouris without constraint, leaving room for creativity, intuition and concentration. With these drawings,
The hope is to convey something about energy. Seeds that are germinating...

It is an invitation to commune with yourself, a lonely, experimental voyage throughout the consciousness, somewhere in between. 

“With a primary palette, the work of Nicolas Farade aims to create interdimensonal spaces. A place where space-time is in motion.
Curves meet lines, expand and intrersect. Nicolas then invites us to inner exploration, towards an infinite race.” Julian Farade

part 1, CHRONICLES (a selection of illustrations)


part 3, THE BOOK - sold out (limited editions of 50)

part 4, TAPE COVER for .coffee new music audio cassette Half man half maschine 
released in December 2020 by Hand Rotate.

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