Presence, acte 3 : Utopia, a manifesto of my mental state during isolation. 

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It all started a few weeks, after the first Covid lock down, around April 2020. My plans to move to Japan in March had to be postponed and everything was put on hold.

It was an ideal moment to reflect, and at least for me, one of the most interesting periods of my life. After spending eleven months in Taipei, where I took a break from drawing and took a step forward into Photography, it felt great to come back to it, to confront myself, once again.

I had no specific ideas when beginning this series. It was just an opportunity, space I had to fill to not overthink about all that craziness that was going on.

Then, I began some-kind of routine. Making a drawing a day or, when I couldn’t, I just tried to do at least a few sketches or gathered thoughts about what I could do later on... Somedays I was able to make three to four illustrations, some other days,nothing happened, and, that was ok.

I practiced doing nothing in Taipei. Accepting that filling in the blanks wasn’t always necessary.

A year later, more than 200 illustrations were made, and, it’s only when gathering all of these artworks, I found myself in a realm of new consciousness. I was able to reach a place I hadn’t been before. It seemed that when I collected the images and put them side by side, a dialogue began (...)

size : A5 (21 x 14,8 cm).
pages : 218.
language : English.
paper : Recycled - 300 g. cover


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