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Novembre 2021 - For Maison Kitsune.
#TheCreativeMeetings l We’re pleased to present ‘The Creative Meetings’: an editorial initiative providing an intimate glimpse into the universe of artists, their creative process and sources of inspiration.
Today, meet Nicolas Farade as he invites us to embark on an inner exploration, in a quest for the infinite. Through the work of a basic color palette, his work aims to create inter-dimensional spaces – a realm where time and space are in a state of flux. Curves meet lines, extend and interest.

My work questions the perception of time, the future, the present, all of which is rather dizzying. It also raises the issue of the existence of other worlds and the nature of the universe, of which we are only just beginning to develop a tentative understanding and which, akin to a fragment of utopia, exceeds the limits of our imagination.”

July 2021 - Presence, the illustrated book

Presence, the illustrated book, A Quarantine body of work - now available!